Event Organization

Bootcamp in the Bunker

Are you preparing for an esport competition but can't find the right place to practice? Gamerland’s rentable private room, the Bunker, has everything you need to get in top shape. 5 gaming PCs help as a standard accessory, but the room can be expanded as required. Comfort is provided by ArenaRacer Dark Desert chairs, gamer tables, a beverage cooler, and a huge sofa. If you would relax between two matches, there is also a large TV in the room to which we add any console you’d like.

Booking on info@gamerland.hu or +36300141777 foglalas@gamerland.hu  or +36300141777

Team building

Aren't you bored of the usual team building games? Instead of the twentieth “playful” task, soften the in-team tense with a few turns in the K.O. cage or with a little VR zombie killing. Once you’re done with those, improve your team dynamics with a co-op game, then discuss in your private VIP BOX over a beer, who’s responsible for your failure! If you can't or don't want to come to Gamerland, there's no problem, we'll bring our equipment to you! Details in the video.

Booking on info@gamerland.hu or +36300141777

Fan meet-and-greet

Would you like to meet your fans, but have a hard time finding a suitable venue? Whether you’re a streamer, YouTuber, influencer, or any other content creator, Gamerland was born to bring you together with your followers. Large hall for hundreds of people, stage with sound system, LED wall, and all the tech stuff you need. If you think smaller than this, our private room and VIP Boxes are also at your disposal. Don't worry about the organization, if you’d like, we will help you in everything!

Booking on info@gamerland.hu or +36300141777 foglalas@gamerland.hu  or +36300141777

Birthdays and friendly gatherings

Do you want your birthday to be all about gaming? Multiplayer team games, fighting and sports games, VR, and race simulators - all to give you an unforgettable birthday experience. If you just get together to watch a game or relax, our private room and VIP Boxes are waiting for you. We can equip these rooms with almost any device on request, also can take care of food and drink, so you won’t need stand up from your table. The latter is also true of the Boxes, but here we rather focused on exclusivity instead of gaming.

Booking on info@gamerland.hu or +36300141777 foglalas@gamerland.hu  or +36300141777

Expos and game premieres

Gamerland covers more than 1,000 square meters with its own kitchen and bar counter, making it an excellent venue for exhibitions, expos, and presentations. Have your gaming, geek, tech, or any event for your young audience in an environment where they feel at home! Thanks to our equipment, we’re also an obvious choice for videogame premieres, whether it’s a PC, an XBOX, a PlayStation, a Nintendo, a VR, or a mobile game.

Booking on info@gamerland.hu or +36300141777 foglalas@gamerland.hu or +36300141777

LAN tournaments

Are you organizing an online tournament and need a venue for the finals? Have you gathered a few friends and would like to pair your strength in an organized way? Gamerland is an ideal venue for both offline and online competitions, as nearly 30 gaming PCs, themed console spots, separate rooms, and a unique Esport Arena make sure that the occasion is memorable. Whatever it is, we are happy to help with both organization and execution!

Booking on info@gamerland.hu or +36300141777 foglalas@gamerland.hu  or +36300141777