Adventure pack

Into the unkown!


If you like exciting adventures, you've always wanted to be Indiana Jones, then choose the Advanture package! Real VR adventures with stunning scenery and exciting stories.

Price: 2500 HUF/person/30 minutes | 3500 HUF/person/45 minutes | 4500 HUF/person/60 minutes

Children under the age of 13 can only play at their own risk, with a consent form signed by a parent!

Book on the phone +36300141777 or

Green hell

A desperate struggle for survival in the Amazon rainforest. This new survival game, which is still in early access, is regularly updated and optimized, and on September 5th, 2019, a brand new Story mode will be added.

Vader Immortal I-II-III

Who hasn't dreamed as a child of being able to enter the world of Star Wars one day and shoot real laser weapons or use Jedi powers to move objects? We bring you exactly this experience with the Vader Immortal series, a game created jointly by Lucas Film and Oculus.

We recommend the game to anyone who loves the Star Wars universe or would just like to try a breathtaking space adventure.

Arizona Sunshine

How long can you last in a zombie-infested desert? If you've always wanted to try yourself in a post-apocalyptic environment, then head to sunny Arizona! Pistols, rifles, grenades - you have a real arsenal at your disposal, but be careful, the ammunition is a real treasure! The story mode can be played by two people, and the survival mode by up to four people at the same time.

Players:1 - 4 person