Gang pack

The more the better!


Several people can try virtual reality at the same time.

Price: 2500 HUF/person/30 minutes | 3500 HUF/person/45 minutes | 4500 HUF/person/60 minutes

Children under the age of 13 can only play at their own risk, with a consent form signed by a parent!

Book on the phone +36300141777 or

Beat Saber

Do you know Guitar Hero? Then Beat Saber will be familiar! Grab lightsabers and smash the colorful squares that come to the rhythm to get the highest possible score! If you are new to the world of VR games, Beat Saber is the perfect choice to experience this completely unique experience - even in competition!

Players:1 - 4 person

Echo VR

Would you throw out on a space station orbiting Saturn? Launch yourself into space with your friends and fight each other in weightless space! Drive yourself by grabbing the landmarks and stun your opponents with a well-placed headbutt! To be able to enjoy the game, it requires approximately half an hour of instruction, so be sure to factor this in!

Players:1-6 people

Arizona Sunshine

How long can you last in a zombie-infested desert? If you've always wanted to try yourself in a post-apocalyptic environment, then head to sunny Arizona! Pistols, rifles, grenades - you have a real arsenal at your disposal, but be careful, the ammunition is a real treasure! The story mode can be played by two people, and the survival mode by up to four people at the same time.

Players:1 - 4 person

Pavlov Shack

Multiplayer shooter in VR with realistic weapon mechanics, 5v5 competitive and social game modes.


One of today's most popular game forms, battle royal, can now be tried in virtual reality! Team up and stay on your feet until the end! One of the most fun and beautiful games in our offer offers a lasting experience to everyone who already has some VR skills. The game requires a maximum of half an hour of training in order to be enjoyed!

Players: 3 person