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What is Gamerland?

It's just the perfect place made for gamers of all kind.A place where the stuff doesn't get bamboozled if you ask what FPS games we have or how many Hz the screens are. A place made to feel like home while the spectacular design blows your head off. Gigantic spaced, LED, wall design that craves exploration, and diverse one-of-its-kind equipment park and tasty food, if you're low on HP.

High-tech computers, new gen consoles, and VR, racing sumulators, arcade games, and a private bootcamp room, are waiting for, you, in Gamerland. Moreover, a mini football stadium and an MMA cage, too. Esport Arénánkban The Esport Arena was built according to international standards and has the only Samsung The Wall LED screen in Central Europe. Come and enjoy the largest esport competitions of Hungary, international championships and more on a huge 8K LED screen. What else can we say? GL&HF

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Pro PCs for the real professionals

For casual gamers, professional streamers and e-athletes – we have more than 20 high-end computers for PC gamers. Whether it’s a couple of friendly matches, a bootcamp or a private tournament, our state-of-the-art machines are ready to make the best out of you.

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Consoles for every taste

With around 25 consoles, we also satisfy the needs of controller lovers. With our latest XBOX, PlayStation or Nintendo games, you’ll definetly find something you like. In addition, you can enjoy your favorites in unique atmoshpere adapted to the mood of the games in our thematic arenas.

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Ready? Steady! Go!

With us, every asphalt lover can grab the wheel to prove they are the real kings of the roads! Be it any car game, with our custom-designed Red Bull racing simulators you can always feel on the track. Or in a wreck-racing arena, on the Hungaroring, in space… which one will you try first?

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The future has arrived in Gamerland

The most defining video game trend of nowadays was a sci-fi element 10 years ago, today it would be unthinkable without a multimedia entertainment center. In Gamerland, you can walk through the gates of virtual reality with Occolus Quest 2 machines.

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Time travel in Gamerland

Every era has its own charm, so not only the future but the past pays homage to us. With our arcade machines reminiscent of the arcade atmosphere of 80s America, you can recall the golden age of video games, be it a ride PAC-MAN or an old school pinball machine.

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``Gamerland az egyik legjobb dolog, ami Budapesten történhetett a gamerek számára. Egy nagyon szuper verseny helyszín, bootcamp opció is van, megtalálható külön egy streamer szoba is, közösségi találkozók szervezésére is tökéletes. Ezenkívül rengeteg PC, VR, konzol, szimulátor lehetőség megtalálható náluk, hidd el, nem fogsz csalódni bennük. Menj el és próbáld ki Te is Magyarország legjobb gamer arénáját!``
``Nachos No1, néha kihagyom, de akkor idegesen érek haza. Bejön, hogy csípnek, jól esik, hogy kedvesek nekem.
Elég jó a hely meg minden, de jobb lenne ha Kartali néha nem jönne...``
``Szeretek a srácokkal dolgozni, ugyanis mindig segítőkészek, és profik! Ezen kívül jók az ötleteik és a legjobb helyszínt hozták létre a gamereknek Budapesten!``
Sok rendezvényünk volt együtt, profi csapat profi helyszínnel… na és a nachos az top1 ! ( KarTÁLat az étlapra!! )

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